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Clifton Insurance Agency
- Payment Methods -

Credit Card Payments: All credit cards accepted but American Express
Please go to to make your premium payment.
Enter our agencies phone number 877-212-4368, the premium amount & your name.
Then proceed to enter your credit card information to receive email confirmation of payment. It’s that simple. You can also make a payment over the phone.

Regular or Priority Mail Only: No Overnights
Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc - Attn: Canyon Clifton
P.O.Box 8639
Amarillo, Texas 79114

Pay by Check Online: all payments are secure, monitored & protected. Enter our agencies phone number 877-212-4368, the premium amount & your name. Then you will be prompted to enter your banking details to finalize the payment. There is only a small $2 dollar fee per transaction. We are happy to take payments over the phone as well.

Pay by Check - VPS

Physical Address for Overnights: Make payable to Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc 
Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc
5408 S. Bell Bldg B Suite 310
Amarillo, Tx 79109

Wire Transfer – Make payable to Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc: Please contact our agency directly for wire transfer instructions and our banking information. Please also note that the wire transfer instructions have been emailed to you along with your quote.


Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc
Office: 877-212-4368 – Toll Free
Fax: 806-457-1760

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5408 S. Bell Building B Suite 310 Amarillo, Texas 79109
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