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Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance


CLIFTON INSURANCE AGENCY, INCMedical Spa Malpractice Insurance
Lower your Medispa Malpractice Premium today with our advanced quantified system!
Med Spa Malpractice Insurance – Dermal Fillers, Botox Injections, Glycolic Peels, Etc.
Company Physician and Medical director liability insurance can be provided.
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Medical Spa’s nationwide are in search of more affordable Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance. As a Medical Spa you need to insure that your risks are managed by qualified Medical Spa malpractice insurance experts.

We at Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc use a quantified Medical Spa Malpractice insurance risk tool that allows us to obtain multiple A+ rated quotes within 24 hours. We specialize in Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance and are proud to say that we also have a Medical Spa consultant’s agency that we utilize for risk management.

All procedures can be covered under one policy and your physician’s and medical director’s liability insurance can be included at a very low cost.

Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc is a family owned business not corporate America! We work directly with you and your staff to build the type of Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance policy that fits your budget and your coverage needs.

Questions associated with Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance:

  1. Does the physician’s policy cover us for Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance if we are owned and operated by the physician? No it does not. Medical Spa’s are a risk that has to be separate from the physician’s medical malpractice insurance.
  2. If we utilize independent contractors for certain procedures can we cover them under our policy even if they are not a w2 employee? Yes, we can set up your new Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance policy to cover those contractors under your corporate name. This will come at a very low cost and make sure that your entity is covered for any risk that is associated with 1099 work.
  3. As a Medical Spa, some procedures such as botox injections can be preformed at the client’s home or for a gathering of multiple clients. Can we provide services to clients outside of our office setting? Yes, there is more cost associated with that risk but we can formulate your Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance policy to handle that risk. Please be sure to make us aware of that option on your Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance Application.
  4. Do we have to pay for our Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance in full or can we finance the premium with your agency? Financing is available at a very low interest rate. We can also arrange your payment schedule to best fit your needs.
  5. What is the difference between a day spa and medical spa? A day spa is not performing the types of medical procedures that a medical spa is. Medical spas provide procedures such as chemical peels, botox injections, laser hair removal and vein removal treatments. This is just a small example of risks that are needed to be covered under a medical spa’s malpractice insurance policy.
  6. What are the limits of liability that I need to carry for my medical spa? The standard limits for Medical Spa malpractice insurance are $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate. We also formulate your Medical Spa Malpractice policy to include general liability insurance for any “slip and fall” risks that could be associated with your medical spa.
  7. Is there a deductible associated with Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance? In most cases there is a deductible that would be associated with Medical Spa malpractice insurance. $2,500 is the most common deductible but higher deductibles are available. The higher the deductible the lesser the premium cost.
  8. If I own multiple medical spas can I obtain one policy that covers all of them? We can name all locations under one policy as long as they are under the same ownership or corporate entity name. If you have named each facility as a separate corporation then you will need separate medical spa malpractice insurance policies for each corporation.
  9. What is the cost of Medical Spa malpractice insurance? There is no standard cost for the medical spa liability insurance. Each risk is priced based on your location, services provided, gross revenue, number of staff and your experience in the industry. We will work diligently to obtain the lowest cost available for your medical spa.
  10. Can I get in contact with your agency for any emergency that I might have? Yes, we are available 24 hours a day and have a number that you can call in case of an emergency. We will walk you through any risk and make sure that all of your medical spa malpractice insurance needs are in order.


Top Rated Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance nationwide!

Medical Spa Professional Liability Insurance Experts…

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Alternative tail insurance (prior acts coverage) for medical spa malpractice insurance!

Lowest premiums available for Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance…

Contact CLIFTON INSURANCE AGENCY, INC today for the best service and Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance in the country.

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