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Current Updates 2013-2014

CRNA Malpractice Insurance

Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc is proud to announce that our CRNA Malpractice Insurance book of business has grown by over 35% this year. We pride ourselves on offering the best A+ rated malpractice insurance available. We also have great relationships with multiple Risk Retention Groups that are top of the line.

The main topic of this post is "Claims Made vs. Occurrence" based malpractice insurance. We understand that most CRNA assume that occurrence based malpractice insurance is the best way to go as you do not have to purchase tail insurance at the cancellation of the policy. However, regardless of what you have been told in school that is not always the case. For example, the average CRNA that is practicing independently can pay upwards of $6,000 per year for occurrence based insurance. With our claims made based insurance, a full time CRNA can expect to pay around $4,000 per year with no premium increase each year. So, if you do the math and anticipate that you are going to need malpractice insurance for 20 years you will pay $120,000 over your career for the occurrence based insurance. For our A+ rated, claims made based insurance you will pay $80,000 for 20 years worth of insurance and then at the cancellation of the policy or at retirement the average cost of the one time tail insurance premium is $5,000 to cover the statute of limitations for most CRNA. So that total is $85,000 for a claim’s made based policy. $120,000(occurrence) - $85,000(claims made) = $35,000 in savings for claims made under our CRNA malpractice insurance for CRNA. As you can see you may not have to purchase tail insurance for the occurrence based coverage but you are certainly overpaying for it each year. Many CRNA assume that they have to pay for tail insurance each year at the policy renewal but that is not true. With the flat rated malpractice insurance provided by Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc you will save more money over your career with our CRNA claims made based insurance. Do the math and do not assume that your association is always going to have your bottom line at the top of their list of priorities. Tail insurance is only a one time payment and it is better to pay it at the end of your career than to over pay for it each year on your CRNA malpractice occurrence based policy.

Contact: Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc today to see how much you can save each year on your CRNA malpractice insurance. Your savings is only a click away.


Physician Assistant Malpractice Insurance

Physician Assistants nationwide need to understand the risks associated with their malpractice insurance. One of the main risks that we need to educate all Physician Assistants on is as follows. Many PA’s will go to work for an MD or Group of other medical professionals who do provide the PA with malpractice insurance but the MD or Group sets the PA up on an individual based policy under the PA’s name, not the corporation. So, of this is the case the MD or Group that you are working for may pay for your physician assistant malpractice insurance but the group is not responsible for the policy, you are! Just because the group pays for the coverage does not mean that they are responsible for dealing with the insurance carrier if there is an incident or claim. You, the policy holder are ultimately responsible for the policy coverage and the payments. Granted it is nice for the PA to get their malpractice insurance paid for but we see the following scenario happen time and time again.

When an MD or Group purchases an individual, claims made based insurance policy for you under your name, you are responsible for the tail insurance if you decide to leave their employment. Unless it is stated in your contract that the MD or Group is responsible for your tail insurance the insurance carrier has no authority to get the MD or Group to pay for your tail. Since the policy is under your name the responsibility to purchase tail insurance and cover your prior acts liability falls on you. Most likely the MD or Group that you are considering leaving is going to make it mandatory for you to purchase the tail insurance as they do not want to be held responsible for any future malpractice claims on your policy if you decide to leave.

This is why it is always better for the PA to take control of their own malpractice insurance policy so they know fully what they are getting into and how the policy works. It is always best for the PA to communicate directly with the agent or carrier so that they can understand all of the details rather than putting their coverage and liability in the hands of the MD or Group. Besides, if you decide to leave the MD or Group they really are not going to care about your malpractice insurance as they will be focused on looking for your replacement.

Take the time to contact Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc today to secure the best A+ rated Physician Assistant malpractice insurance so we can make you aware of your policy details and give you control of your policy as a PA.



Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance

Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc is one of the leading providers of Medical Spa Liability Insurance nationwide. We provide coverage in all states and we have the capability to offer you multiple quotes from the best A+ rated Medical Spa carriers in the country.

Medical Spa’s can drastically over pay for their professional liability + general liability insurance each year. With our quantified quoting system you will be able to have all of your W2 providers covered for free under on simple policy. If you also need to insure a 1099 aesthetician or other employee we can ad their coverage to your group policy for the Medical Spa for only $50.00 per contractor for the entire year.

Our Policy Coverage Includes:

Limits of $100,000/$300,000 to $2,000,000/$6,000,000
Free Medical Spa Prior Acts Insurance when transitioning from one policy to another
$1,000 deductible
Flat Rated Policy Costs – No Premium Increases each year that are not justified
Free – Medical Director Liability Insurance for your Medical Spa
Defense Outside the Limits of Liability
Incident Sensitive Claims Trigger
General Liability Insurance Coverage including incidental Products Liability
$250,000 sub-limit for HIPPA violations
$500,000 sub-limit for sexual abuse allegations
Botox, Dermal Fillers, All Injections, All Laser Treatments, Facials, Hormone Therapy & Cosmetology/Massage. Other risks can be insured with a formal application.

Optional Coverage Enhancements:

Blanket Physician Endorsement – Up to 5 Physicians
Multiple Location Endorsement

Please contact Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc today and save thousands on your next Medical Spa Malpractice Insurance Policy. We can have your formal quotes presented to you in less than 2 business hrs.



Physician/Surgeon Malpractice Insurance

  As a Physician or Surgeon you can expect some drastic changes in 2014 regarding your medical malpractice insurance. With all of the confusion regarding healthcare reform many of us are wondering what will truly take place. As a medical professional you are already running into trouble with billing issues, quality of patient care and staffing concerns, etc.

As Physician & Surgeon malpractice insurance rates continue to increase, we at Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc can provide you with the added benefit of being able to quote with all A+ rated carriers and highly rated Risk Retention Groups. Many of the admitted insurance markets are being subject to medical malpractice rate increases to compensate for high claims payouts in 2013. So, as a medical provider looking to obtain A+ rated malpractice insurance you need to know that there are many, non-admitted carriers out there that are looking to save you money and still provide the same A+ rated insurance as the admitted markets do. The same goes for quality rated risk retention groups.

It is always in your best interest to contact a quality agency like Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc to double check your policy coverage to insure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. We will work directly with you and or your group to meet your financial and medical malpractice insurance needs. Why over pay for your medical malpractice insurance when you can utilize our agency to search for competitive quotes with all insurance carriers? Do not assume that your association that you are purchasing insurance from has your best interest at heart. There are so many misconceptions floating around about non-admitted carriers and risk retention groups. The truth is that not all carriers are the same and each one of them operates differently. So regardless of what you read online about certain types of Physician/Surgeon malpractice insurance, be sure to do your own diligence and compare one policy to another just as you would a home loan or life insurance policy.

Contact: Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc today by clicking the link below to get started on your next Physician/Surgeon malpractice insurance policy. Your savings is but a click away…



Group Anesthesia & CRNA – Staffing Malpractice Insurance

When it comes to staffing a hospital, surgery center or providing individual medical facilities with Anesthesia related staffing services Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc knows your business. Our agency was founded by a CRNA and we currently provide professional liability, medical malpractice & general liability insurance for over 550 individual MD Anesthesia/CRNA staffing companies nationwide. Not only do we insure CRNA but we also specialize in MDA/MD & CRNA related group staffing policies. Yes, Anesthesiologist have also switch to Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc for their medical malpractice insurance as they are confident in our abilities to insure them correctly while also providing them with a policy that gives them the flexibility to work where they want and when they want.

Our group policies can provide A+ rated MDA/MD/CRNA Anesthesia coverage at the most affordable premium price with no restrictions on cases performed. We tailor each policy to meet your group’s specific needs and many of our policy highlights are listed below.

MDA/MD/CRNA Anesthesia Staffing Policy Highlights:

$100,000/$300,000 to $12,000,000 Limits of Liability available
Limits of Liability can be shared or individual limits can be added for each MDA/MD/CRNA
Protection: Corporate Professional Liability, Medical Malpractice Insurance, General Liability, Sexual Misconduct Liability, Board Action Protection, Slot policy Insurance, Audit Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance, etc
Flat rated policies – No automatic premium increases each year
Low Deductible Options
Coverage Provided for Unlimited Facilities in ALL States
Unlimited Number of Providers
Add Additional Providers at any time
+ Please contact us directly for more benefits

MDA/MD/CRNA Group Anesthesia Staffing Companies can trust that Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc has their best interests at heart. We will strive to provide you with the best possible coverage at the best rate in the U.S. Please contact us today.
Office: 877-212-4368


Malpractice Tail Insurance for Groups & MD

Our agency has the added ability to offer you multiple quotes from all carriers in the U.S that offer stand alone tail insurance. Over the past 3 yrs the online marketing for Malpractice Tail Insurance has become increasingly saturated by agencies and or leads groups that are looking to quote on your alternative tail insurance policy.

What medical providers do not understand is that if you submit your details to 4-5 different online companies that can hinder you from getting your tail insurance quotes quickly. Insurance carriers that provide alternative malpractice tail insurance do not like to see a potential client sending in multiple submissions to multiple agencies. This is called over saturation and what happens is that many of the insurance markets can become blocked for you as the carriers do not know whom you are working with.

Medical Groups or Individual MD should know Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc can offer financing for your malpractice tail insurance! We are the only agency in the U.S. that has the ability to assist you with the financing of your tail policy. Tail Insurance policies are 100% fully earned so 90% of the time the carrier wants the entire premium up front. If you have a $92,000 dollar tail insurance policy those funds are nearly impossible for most Groups or Individual MD’s to come up with.

Our goal is to access all markets for you so that you do not have to waist time with multiple agencies and or leads companies. Since we have access to all carriers why would you want to go anywhere else? The other agencies out there may be able to get you the same deal as we can but can they finance the tail insurance policy for you?

Call Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc today or click on the link below to save money on your malpractice tail insurance policy today. Office: 877-212-4368



Law Firm Liability Insurance & Attorney Malpractice Insurance

Although there are not many updates to share about changes regarding Law Firm Liability or Attorney Liability insurance we at Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc are proud to announce that we are now one of the leading providers of Law related Liability Insurance nationally. Our agency has access to All carriers and we can have you quoted within 3 business days upon receiving the following material. Financing for your policy is also available at your request.

Items needed to quote on your Law Firm Liability & Attorney Liability Insurance:

Completed Application – Must have
Current Certificate of Insurance – For the entire Law Firm or Individual Attorney if you currently have coverage under your own name or Law Firm – Must Have 
Loss Runs statements – We will not need these to offer quotes if you have not experienced a claim
Company Letterhead

All of these items are not needed to quote but they are needed to bind coverage. Also, new to practice attorneys should know that it is very difficult to obtain insurance if you do not have a backup attorney. All new to practice attorneys should have a backup attorney to list on their application as the insurance carriers will want the added security of knowing that you will have someone to take over your cases if you are not able to practice.

Once the Law Firm Liability or Attorney Malpractice Application has been submitted to the carriers those carriers may then require additional supplements to be completed in order to get the most accurate pricing on your policy.

Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc is here to handle the hard work for you. Contact our agency today and we will have your new quotes sent to you swiftly.



Oil + Gas & Renewable Energy Insurance

Clifton Insurance Agency, Inc has just added our new details to the main page of our site for our new Oil + Gas Renewable Energy Program. We are here to obtain quotes and provide policies to all Operators & Non Operators.

Please view the main page of our site or click on the link below and we will contact you with the needed details to design a niche market policy for you or your corporation. As always we have access to all carriers nationally and globally so do not hesitate to give us a call if you are not email friendly.



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