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Clifton Insurance Agency - CRNA Liability Insurance
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We Obtain Quotes from All A+ Rated Carriers! FT & PT
Average Savings per CRNA - $2,350.00 Year!
Group CRNA & Individual CRNA's welcome
No Restrictions - No Annual Premium Increases - Quoted in 24 hrs!
Other Agencies and Associations do not have our Capabilities!

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CRNA Liability Insurance / CRNA Malpractice Insurance Questions:

  1. Can I practice in multiple states with one CRNA malpractice insurance policy? Yes, most states require limits of $1,000,000/$3,000,000 so as long as you are insured for those limits and have licenses in your practice states your coverage will allow you to perform anesthesia.

  2. Does the cost of my CRNA liability insurance increase every year for five years? With our carriers NO it does not. We have great relationships with all of our A+ rated carriers so they allow us to maintain the same premium price every year. Your coverage will only increase if you are changing to a higher risk of anesthesia or have a claim.

  3. As a new graduate CRNA can I obtain CRNA malpractice insurance without restrictions? Yes, your associations insurance may put restrictions on your policy but our carriers have no restrictions for CRNA malpractice insurance.

  4. Do I have to pay for my CRNA malpractice insurance in full or can I finance the premium? You do not have to pay for the policy in full. Typically we will need a 30% down payment and then you can finance 9 additional payments with a low interest rate.

  5. Will my CRNA insurance policy allow me to fill in for another CRNA while they are on leave? Yes it will. We will just need to add the facility to your current CRNA malpractice insurance policy so that you are covered at no additional cost.

  6. Am I required to be a member of the AANA to purchase your CRNA liability insurance? No, the cost of the AANA memberships are going up and up so many CRNA are saving a lot of money by opting out of the AANA’s coverage.

  7. Can a husband and wife CRNA team be on the same CRNA malpractice Insurance policy if we are working in two different locations? Yes. This is very common and we can formulate a low cost policy that will save you both a good amount of money.

  8. If I were to have a claim does your CRNA malpractice insurance cover my legal expenses? Yes. There is a deductible that will have to be met and that is typically a $2,500.00 deductible. All legal expenses there after are covered by your CRNA malpractice insurance policy.

  9. If I have a bad case in the O.R or E.R can I contact your agency before I notify the insurance carrier of a CRNA malpractice claim? Yes, we will then instruct you as to what needs to be done. In many cases we do not need to notify the insurance carrier until you receive formal notification of a claim.

  10. Why should I choose your insurance agency over the AANA’s CRNA malpractice insurance option? Our carriers are all A+ rated and provide the same exact benefits as the AANA’s insurance. However or costs are far more affordable and by choosing our agency you can notify us of an incident without having to inform your association that something went wrong. We will not automatically inform the insurance carrier of an “incident” as the AANA would.

  11. As a fulltime CRNA how many hours am I allowed to work during the week? Under our CRNA malpractice insurance coverage you can work an unlimited number of hours.

  12. What is considered part time or “moonlighting” CRNA malpractice insurance? 20 hours of clinical work per week is the cutoff for part time CRNA malpractice insurance. However, you have 1,000 hrs per year to use as you see fit for the part time coverage so you really are not limited to weekly hours.

  13. What is the average cost of a full time CRNA malpractice insurance policy? The average cost for the fulltime CRNA malpractice insurance is around $3,900.00 per year.

  14. What is the average cost of CRNA malpractice insurance for part time coverage? Our 1,000 hr per year policy will cost around $2,230.00.

  15. If I call you today can I obtain my CRNA malpractice insurance immediately? Yes, we can bind your CRNA malpractice insurance the same day as long as we have your application, CRNA license, resume and current certificate of insurance.

 Top Rated CRNA Malpractice Insurance nationwide!

 CRNA Professional Liability Insurance Experts…

 Claims made based CRNA malpractice insurance!

 Agency founded by a CRNA

 Financing is available for your CRNA malpractice insurance

 Lowest premiums available for CRNA malpractice Coverage…

 Contact CLIFTON INSURANCE AGENCY, INC today for the best service and CRNA malpractice insurance in the country.

  • We write CRNA malpractice coverage in all states and our agency was founded by a practicing CRNA!
  • Our premium rates are the most affordable in the country and they do not increase every year!
  • We can have you quoted in less than 5 minutes if you give us a call!

    For more information please give us a call on our toll free number 1-877-21-AGENT or by

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